Inventing a procedure that can become very important in the long run and benefit many people brings with it the question of participation and distribution. Pressing fresh Cannabis juice for human consumption is protected by World-Patent and Utility Model Protection for Cannabis Juice. For beverages and products made from hemp juice international patents were awarded.

Quality is controlled and guaranteed by the quality seal GREEN SNAKE registered trademark.

The invented process of pressing hemp juice for animal feed or for bio-gas or for the chemical industry or any other utilization not for human consumption may be used by anyone who has a license agreement with Claremont Collection GmbH.

Farmers and producers of cannabis juice for human consumption have to hold a valid license agreement with Claremont Collection GmbH. We welcome applications.

Several beverages and products based on Cannabis juice are protected under international-patent pending. Licenses to these beverages and products will be handled exclusively. We invite international companies to negotiate exclusive license contracts for these derivatives of Cannabis juice. Licenses will be offered on an exclusive basis only to international companies.*

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*The offer made pertains solely to our own rights. The rights of other patent holders, holders of Utility Model Protection and Trademarks are not to be touched by this offer.