Nutrition and medicine

Hemp is advancing its market position worldwide. Why?

Worldwide research shows that Cannabinoids are indispensable for human and animal health. We produce Endocannabinoids in our bodies. Deficiencies can severely harm our health.

Medically hemp contains all the cannabinoids also found in Cannabis – except for the psychoactive THC. The focus of research today is on Cannabidiol (CBD), which is extracted from both Cannabis and industrial hemp. One hectare of industrial hemp yields between 8 and 20 liter of CBD extract. The CBD content of hemp extract is not standardized. Extraction remnants can have adverse health effects.

Given the same one hectare of the same hemp field and utilizing our patented hemp juice process will yield 300 mg of CBD-A (Cannabidiol-acid), the equivalent of 270 mg activated CBD in each 100 ml of juice. Added to the CBD in the press remnants the yield of 100 % CBD from hemp juice is considerably higher than the yield of extracted CBD from the same field.

Which problems does hemp juice solve?

  • Hemp juice is a nutritional product (1989 EU Commission) that may be consumed by all.
  • The patented process of pressing hemp juice reduces the production costs for Cannabinoids as compared to extraction methods. On average 3000 liter juice can be produced per hectare with 300mg CBD-Acid / 100 ml hemp juice, plus more CBD-A in the press remnants.
  • Contrary to most extracts hemp juice contains all ingredients found in the plant itself. Hemp juice enfolds its benefits on the human organism best in its natural composition of ingredients. This is the “entourage effect” typical for the hemp plant. This scientifically proven effect means that the best health result is reached by the synergies of all ingredients in the natural matrix of the hemp plant.