Policy and Regulation

Hemp in the EU is nutrition and is subject to laws and regulation of consumer protection.

Furthermore politics and administration can have an interest in the quality assurance of nutritional products from hemp juice. Especially because as nutrition it can serve preventative health care:

  • Because of its Cannabinoids
  • Because of its property to enhance taste in prepared foods, thereby reducing the consumption of sugar and salt.

The quality seal GreenSnake® serves this quality control and secures the legality of the beverages and products made from hemp juice in the respective countries.

The patent and the registered trade mark as quality seal can have two advantages for the governmental administration:

  • When agencies of the governmental administration acquire the patents for themselves and sell licenses to farmers and producers they can incorporate into the license agreements the definition of quality and safety of hemp juice as well as beverages and products and can create the desired consumer safety without enacting a law for such definitions.
  • Through licensing agreements those government agencies can generate additional public income next to taxes during the period of validity of the patents.